Letters of passion from great women reading my book(Unedited)

Special Message from NisNis Stevenson in USA – a woman with passion for girls in Africa

I am honoured NisNis Stevenson is reading my book

I am honoured NisNis Stevenson is reading my bo

Hello Betty….guess what I am reading these days??? Your awesome book “NEVER AGAIN”…finally ordered and have not been able to put it down since I started…very gripping and powerful….it is a must read! I feel even more empowered now!!! Thank you for pouring your heart out in this book and for sharing your heart, soul and pain with the world…it takes a really strong woman to do what you did but you are touching lives by doing so and not only empowering other young girls and women but the human race!!! God bless you Betty Makoni!

NEVER AGAIN”…a must read! Ladies if you are looking for a real book to inspire and empower you please go pick up a copy of my friend’s book…”NEVER AGAIN” by the amazing and resilient Betty Makoni…this is her story but it will open y…See Mor