Statement on donations and testimonies

Partial proceeds from the sale of this book goes into the Girls Empowerment and Education Fund. The Muzvare Betty Makoni Empowerment  Social Enterprise( ), is  solely in charge of marketing this book, donates directly to  indiviudal girls in Africa . If you are touched by the accounts of Never Again,  not to any woman or girl again and you’d like to donate to this cause, please donate directly to

The book is written to inspire girls.  Betty Makoni will appreciate the gesture of anyone purchasing her books with the intention of giving them to girls who are not financially able to purchase them.

I am so happy my story has helped women and girls break silence. Below you will see some testimonies sent to me via Facebook, email, text messages and many word of mouth. Please know that if sent via inbox we remove names and if posted on my Facebook wall we post as it is. Slowly we are putting together those cases where we feel justice is not done. Slowly we are showing ordinary people breaking silence and speaking out is way to say Never Again.

Taking our stories to inspire girls to reach potential

  • My beloved sister Better, It’s just past 4am here and I just finished reading chapter 23 of your book. I have nothing but admiration for your unbreaka
    ble spirit, your relentless persue for justice and unmeasureable will to fight for the under privileged and deprived. Those who are unprotected and brutally abused! Your days are known to our Father in Heaven and I bare witness to you this day, what you do in this life will follow you into the new and everlasting Eternities.
    Keep up the great work and I should have a few surprizes for you here shortly
  • Hie, I have managed to download the book and i`m on chapter 28. what a long way to success Muzvare,the book is so touching and I cant put it down
  • Hi…I hope you had a good day, hey your book is very touching. May the good Lord continue to bless you. Your good work shall surely be rewarded I am on chapter 3. Success comes after percevearance. I am in love with your work.
    Thank you
  • I finished reading the book, oh so touching. The next stage will be developing the screen play, it’s great book and it will make a good film
  • Linda Kute
    This book is restoring and opening wounds which were not healing frm the inside. We need more pple like u Muzvare who are determined to make a differnce in lives of many. I’m speechless by wat happend to u as child although we share some of the experiences. May God richly bless u all the days of your life. Well done Muzvare i have to give credit were its due
  • Felicia T Bere Dont worry Betty before you left Zim you taught me to fight for my rights and thats what i am doing. All the issues about zim women will be addressed in the movie ‘the insider’ i wrote it and its in pre production
  • Pliz hide id,i was raped wen i was still in kindergaten.i used to stay wth my grandparents back then.i never got the chance to tell anyone that my cuzn brother raped me n my cuzn sisters asld me to touch their private parts,m now haunts me.i cant tell any1 becoz i hve slpt wth my who will believe me…pliz help…
  • Marian Mhlanga  via  Betty Makoni Facebook wall just so you know, another story here in Zimbabwe of Monalisa Chinomona who was stabbed to death by her boyfriend has been swept under the carpet! The accused was granted bail and the has never been set a trial date
  • Joyce..muzvare i wish 1.nherera dzatirikuchengeta dzirikunzwa masoko enyu.2.varume varikunzwawo veduwo zvekare.4 shirikadzi dzirikunzwawozve nekuti mashoko enyu kutaurirwa hunyimwa mbare dzekumsana.hope 2 meet u one day muzvare i wish
  • Please help,my daughter was kidnapped and raped.A 10yr girl raped by three men imagine.Banket and the axxd people are said to be out on bail.
  • hide id .makadii muzvare ini ndine dambudziko rirkundinetsa ndine munin’ina nage akaroorwa akasiyana nemurume wake mushure mekunge aenda kunobatsirwa in short kun’anga,n’anga yacho ihama yedu zvino parikuonekwa kuti akashandswa kuti aite mukadzi wavo ikozvinoarikugara nayo n’anga iyoyo.mwana wake akasiya kumusha.takambomutora akatiza kudzokera ikoko ikozvino vakamuviga hatizive kwaaari ivondivo vanoziva.hakuna here mutemo unokwanisa kuvasungisa nekuti patakapedzisirakuaura nayo kutoona kuti munhu uyu pfungwa hadzichit zvakanaka.ndinotenda nerubatsiro rwenyu .

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