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What makes this book different from the others?

Review by Pamela Stitch

 I loved the story because it captured the story of a woman who went through horrors but chose to be a victor rather than a victim.  It captured will and determination and the inability to take NO for an answer when everything around says NO.   It captured the concept of courage and the ability to stand for something.  It also opened my eyes to things within a culture that i’ve been around for many years that never seemed to add up but now I understand.

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Pamela Switch Reviewed Never Again

This book is a 21st century activist empowerment tool kit and a transformational positive energy testimony for those who consistently speak and act truthfully about bringing change in the lives of the poor and the vulnerable. This book is the first of its own kind by a once poor, invisible and often forgotten African girl child turned global hero who comes to show the simplest of actions, people and support needed to change self, others and the world.  It is like what a bible is to a Christian-each sentence is like a verse that speaks deeply to the spirit.  The book was never written for one off reading, but for life reading and is the only life referral where the author is ever present-Betty Makoni

Betty Makoni speaking with her empowerment handbag at MARDI launch -House of Commons

“Betty’s story is the voice of triumph. Her courageous spirit in the face of adversity calls forth the champion in us all. Her words are gritty, healing, heart wrenching and victorious. Betty shares her personal pain through the eyes of a child to the seasoned awareness of a woman that has found her peace. In my heart, I know that her words will continue to inspire others. Future generations will view Betty as the catalyst of change for humankind.”

Tantra-zawadi, Poet, author, performance artist

“Intriguing and painfully honest, Betty Makoni has painted a picture of her amazing journey in words, it’s a must read!”

Robert Mukondiwa H-Metro-Nominated Betty Makoni for CNN Hero award. Personal congratulatory message from ROCK

“During the past year, I have been trained by American Jewish Committee in developing diplomatic relations.  It has been a very interesting experience.  I now see Betty as the Diplomat for girls worldwide.  We have learned so much from Betty’s personal experiences.  We must allow and invite Betty to keep telling her story to let people know that empowerment must be taught and financially supported.  Believing in empowerment is not enough. Betty is now inspiring young women and girls across North America and the world with her story.  Many are responding by creating their own girls groups across college and university campuses, high schools and even elementary schools.”

Olivia Lange is daughter to Ellen Lange, skincare businesswoman, Newark

Betty Makoni has lived a life worth writing about. Deprived of a childhood, surrounded by the constant glaring oppression of women, poverty and missed opportunities, her life today is not a reflection of her past. Today, having overcome her early life challenges, Betty fights against the very system that sought to deny her the chance at a decent life. She is a brave and courageous woman

N. Amma Twum-Baah, Publisher/Editor-Afrikan Goddess Award

“This book is a collection of sadness upon what we people are capable of; how much we can hurt the others for ignoring of our own truth. This book is also a collection of an incredible inspiration for victory; the victory upon our own fear to listen to what our heart has got to say.”

Pavla Cveckova, Bsc., MA, DiS, Passionate Practitioner of ‘Perfection in Imperfection’ of Human Beings.

“As the reader will see, Betty is a beautiful writer, and her book, based on her personal experiences, will inspire many. Betty is one of the most compassionate, heart-felt women I have known. She cares so deeply, not only for the girls, which are so very close to her heart, but for all of us. Her intuitive sense of the other and her simple but profound way of expressing love have moved me deeply.”

Deborah Neff, former Professor of Cultural Anthropology
(specializing in gender and social inequality)

“Working on Betty’s newest book was a great honour, and I felt privileged to take part in this piece of history. Being able to read the unfiltered, unashamed biography of this crusader has opened my eyes to the reality that many Zimbabwean girls are forced to live. Betty’s story is truly one of triumph over patriarchy, and I encourage women and young girls everywhere to know it”.

Breana Reichert-Undergraduate student, researcher and volunteer in supporting Zimbabwean girls

“As I edit Betty Makoni`s childhood chapters, I relive this remarkable life.  This is why this amazing woman has now become my own child!  Her story has touched my heart so deeply and I know I cannot take away the truth or quintessence of her extraordinary past. I work on it every day and think of it every waking moment. There is a lot of work ahead; as this is a life story of unprecedented pain and bravery and one I know you will all want to read.  I have to do the best I can to keep the wonderful character of Betty and our beautiful Zimbabwe yet share every facet of her story in a language which everyone can

Jo Anne Pritchard, Public Relations Advisor for Girl Child Network Worldwide


“The stories are interesting, funny, heart-wrenching all at the same time and the way Betty tells her story is very captivating. Once you start typing you don’t want to stop. You become Betty.

Shameema Patel, co-founder of the Leave No Girl Behind Movement

  • Flowers from Linda Satimburwa

    When I looked at the Purple Flowers I saw the book Never Again. I love the colour purple.

    Happiness is something that comes into our lives through doors we don’t even remember leaving open. Betty Makoni you have opened doors for many. Through you people are healing, letting go bitterness and anger. Happiness will follow you always and God will see you through always.

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