Betty Makoni`s Official Autobiography-Never Again, Not To Any Woman Or Girl Again

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Betty Makoni`s Official Autobiography

There is no way the world could have waited forever for Betty Makoni to finally share her story in one piece. The much awaited autobiography is here. Betty Makoni herself gave it a personal touch to inspire her many supporters, mentees, friends   and fans round the world.

Many tragedies befell Betty Makoni and she could not have existed like millions of other women and girls who due to poverty, disease and violence perish in silence and never get accounted for. Her Book, Never again, not to any woman or girl again, finally unveils new energy that must take the whole world to action and a new vision of what must be done to save women and girls wherever they are. Never again, not to any girl or woman again, is a personal declaration that Betty Makoni makes to end violence against women and girls at personal level and  in the home, school, community, country , continent and the whole world.

This book takes reader through a more refined personal empowerment process through inspirational magical expressions and words, idioms and symbolism that dig deeper into personal issues that not many women and girls in Africa dare to speak about. The book has taken a more grounded, open and frank approach to issues around violence against women and girls, trials and tribulations of a female activist who has to play over twenty roles and remain strong daily.

This book tells especially poor and marginalised people to expedite empowerment of their children so that vicious cycles of poverty and violence get thwarted once and for all. No matter how many donors, organisations or whatever help comes from outside, Betty Makoni believes such silent   genocides of women and girls in the homes and communities need activism at personal and family level.

The world cannot move forward if people and especially women and girls remain victims, internally and emotionally wounded and live in turmoil. There comes a time in life when we must just say

That there is a silent genocide of women and girls in the homes, communities and just everywhere is not a new story. That my great grandmother, grandmother, mother, mother-in-law, aunt, sister, cousin, niece, housemaid, co-worker, friend, neighbor and just about every female shares the same pain is not a new story. What is new in this story is how I stood up to say, “Never again.” Never again will a girl or woman get raped, killed, drop out of school, be harmed by our culture or be sexually enslaved. That is as long as I know about it. Never Again–not to any woman or girl again is the new story. – Betty Makoni-


20 thoughts on “Betty Makoni`s Official Autobiography-Never Again, Not To Any Woman Or Girl Again

  1. Great job! By writing an autobiographical book, you have done that which many Africans desire to do but never really practically reach there. You took it several notches higher by producing a personal story infused with necessary truth and advocacy tone. Several generations will benefit from this brilliance cobbled together between two covers.

  2. A courageous woman to me spells it out that we all have a say in matters that affect us positively or negatively.Being able to sand tall and rise from our haunting past can be the best thing Human beings can learn to do.I find that charisma in Betty Makoni!Respect

    I second this… “Never again will a girl or woman get raped, killed, drop out of school, be harmed by our culture or be sexually enslaved. That is as long as I know about it. Never Again–not to any woman or girl again is the new story.” – Betty Makoni-

      • You are welcome..i am humbled to see women taking the lead and bringing out their effort towards what they think is right for them as individuals and whats good for the nation at large..join me too on my blog; ,and see what i am doing as much as inspiring the younger generation is concerned

  3. Muzvare you are an inspiration. Thank you for being an outstanding woman who has courage and strength to open other women’s eyes and retrieve many from suffocation and faded dreams, giving hope to women and girls as well as wiping off their tears. Thank you for sharing and may God continue to bless you abudantly.

    • Thank you so much Maybe. The idea now is to ensure we all stand up at individual level and change things. Thanks for following. Invite your friends too and slowly we build a movement.

  4. Dear Betty. How I wish we come to meet each other. I did not know that your case is so patthetic. I saw your site online and decided to join the network since we are working iwth women and girls in Nigeria. Please accept my warmest greetings and for making a name for the women across Africa and beyond. I love you dearly. Keep on your good work for the poor and marginalised groups in African.

    Iniobong E. Frank
    Women United for Economic Empowerment
    Uyo, Akwa Ibom State

  5. well done mama Betty, am now busy looking for the book. where can i find it. u r my heroine and i wanna read all about you.

  6. I am impressed. Ghanaian scholar Dr. James Emmanuel Kwegyir-Aggrey (1875-1927), once said:If you educate a man you educate an individual, but if you educate a woman you educate a family (nation). Now I see what he meant. Well done amai.

  7. I Believe posting, “Betty Makoni Official Autobiography | What Happened to my
    grandmother, mother and me, should not happen to any woman or
    girl again.” was perfect! I personallycould not agree with you even more!
    Finally looks like I personallydiscovered a website very well worth looking through.
    Thanks a lot, Jeffry

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